I am planning on putting graphenos (or another os) on my pixel (currently using a pixel 6 but will have a pixel 8 shortly). I have a few questions about using then new os. Mainly are there any apps that don’t work. I use my phone for work being a OTP to logine daily etc is that still possible and reliable. There is one game I play on phone downloaded from the play store is that still possible? Lastly how do updates come can I download an update regularly from phone or do I have to plug into PC each time and know there is an update ready and how would you revert back to Google os if needed.

Sorry if that is a lot I just feel scared to take the “leap” into what is for me unknown. Thanks

    • @TheAnonymouseJoker@lemmy.ml
      9 months ago

      Ah yes, Techlore, CalyxOS, Louis Rossmann, FlorisBoard devs, Bromite devs and many others’ issues are my issues… I think you use GrapheneOS and are a victim of sunkcost fallacy. I know many such victims. You have a gambler mindset and will justify it with every excuse.

      Minimising attack surface is doable on basically any decent Android phone, hardened malloc has always been part of Linux kernel (and thus Android), Vanadium is just another fork of Ungoogled Chromium on mobile, similar to Bromite/Mulch and so on.

      Trusting him is like trusting an abusive violent partner in a relationship, thinking he/she will not beat you again. Also, he facilitates the use and abuse of anonymity via a lot of sockpuppet trolling, and even officially has ordered people to troll any critics. https://i.imgur.com/nhepoMJ.jpg And his fellow mod friend akc3n describe this harassment and trolling as “brand competitor analysis”. https://i.imgur.com/q2OefBw.jpg

      Him stepping down does not really mean shit. He censors every possible opportunity of being questioned by hiding himself behind his Discourse forum, his fellow mods actively silencing people on his behalf (as recent as 12 days ago), and he can just come out under a new sockpuppet name when he thinks the scrutiny will die down (he will have to wait until I die).